Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unstoppable Death Machines Saturday, METAL MANIA ALL NEXT WEEK!

Brooklyn Noise/dance/weirdos UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES will be pummelling your eardrums this Saturday night at an eclectic show that ranges from pop songsters NT to UDS friends and drum addicts BONE TOKEN. come down and party!

Next week brings us a quartet of ragers - Virginia shredders EARTHLING bring their steel styles to our stage Monday the 9th along with Brooklyn death/moshers DEATH IMMORTAL, blackened punks WULFKRIEG, and death metallers DEATH SICK. Wednesday is a day of bestial screams and monstrous brutality, and Montreal crustlords BONEBLACK descend from the north to play with old school DM technicians MUTANT SUPREMACY, and brooklyn blackened raw infidels SYPHILITIC LUST.

and we're just getting started! two consecutive nights put on by the one and only 1000 knives start with hardcore juggernaut THE LOVE BELOW, Providence metal shredders MEGASUS, featuring members of LIGHTNING BOLT(!), Cali Power Violence JUDAS, and our favorite brooklyn noise punks POLLUTION. Friday, August 13th. 7pm $10 all ages.

and finally, in an epic night of huge sounds and slow, battering riffs, 1000 Knives and League of Scientists treat us to CITY OF SHIPS, on tour with CONSTANTS, whose new album is produced by none other than Justin Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU). Texas Sludgsters VASTE BURAI and beer swilling bong rippers WIZARDRY kick it off. Saturday, August 14th 8pm $10 all ages.

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