Thursday, September 30, 2010


What a fucking week we have ahead of us!! Serious metal for the serious metalhead. Saturday we have the impossible-to-describe but easy-to-love neo-black metal of Brooklyn's LITURGY, sharing the stage with the ever-epic BATILLUS, and the mighty riffmasters KOWLOON WALLED CITY. Batillus and KWC played the Cake Shop last month, but I fear some of y'all missed it on account of some hardcore show. Well, don't sleep on this one! a SERIOUS night of epic heaviness. Saturday, Oct 2 8pm Doors

Kowloon Walled City @ Cakeshop

Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!! the grindcore battle royale is finally here. We're so stoked to have this maelstrom upon us! Singapore's WORMROT will finally make it to Brooklyn to pummel us all with blast and breakdowns, along with the cream of the NYC blastbeat crop: MUTANT SUPREMACY, DEFEATIST, PSYCHIC LIMB, and CURANDERA. this will be a crowded and manic scene of destruction, so get here on time! Sunday, Oct 3rd 8pm Doors.

And for those who like their music slow, crushing, and overflowing with despair, fear not! (or rather, no more than normal) Tuesday, the Boise duo WOLVSERPENT play this coming Tuesday to steamroll over your spirit. Aiding in the bleakness are Brooklyn doomlords ARCHON (hopefully you saw them with UNEARTHLY TRANCE and COFFINWORM last month) and New Jersey cryptkeepers PHARAOH. Oh the autumn, how I enjoy the falling leaves, fog, and soul-crushing doom as the all life leaves the earth. Tuesday, Oct 5th 8pm Doors.

and since we don't have a gig tonight, I'll see y'all at BUZZOV*EN!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

MATT McCARTHY Headlines tomorrow nights REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE Standup comedy night
Matt McCarthy - Musicians vs. Comedians
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Tomorrow night we are happy to host again REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE Free standup comedy. We're especially stoked because one of our favorite local comics MATT McCARTHY is headlining! If you don't know his name off the top of your head, LEARN IT because you'll want to see him at every appearance. He's had his own tv specials, released a CD, had a run on his own television series, and is known all over New York as "the cable guy" on those Verizon commercials. None of that compares, however, to when you just give the guy a mic and let him run with it. We've also got JORDAN HUBERT, HEATHER FINK, MAX BOYAJIAN, and JHOEL WALKOWSKI performing, and the whole thing is hosted by the dark and lovely STEPHEN BIANCHI. Not a night to miss!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Melbourne's UV RACE and TOTAL CONTROL are here to annihilate you! The noise fucker ozzies deliver slabs of proto-punk, echoes of psych, Velvet Underground keyboard stabs as re-imagined in the '80s and some sexy sax blasts. So pull on those pre-apocalyptic blue suede shoes and dance the doomsday shuffle. Appearing tonight with WILD THING from the bay area and BAD NOIDS. get stoked!

TONIGHT 9/17 8pm $8 ALL AGES


Montreal's SKIP JENSEN has put in his time with all manner of foot loose canadian punk, garage, and rock n' roll bands, and He puts it down tomorrow at the Acheron with New Haven sassypants THE ESTROGEN HIGHS and Ohio outcasts OUTER SPACISTS and DAY CREEPERS. Systematic who?

Saturday, 9/18 8pm ALL AGES

Friday, September 10, 2010

THE BODY return next week!! buy new earplugs!

DECEASED rip apart the Acheron THIS SATURDAY!!

Legendary Virginia Death Metallers DECEASED have officially been playing for 25 years. In that time they have maintained everything that is worthy of praise in the metal world: An unholy stream of brutal albums, a workaholic attitude toward writing, recording, and especially playing, and an unmatched performance style. Band founder King Fowley is a force to be reckoned with, both physically and as a stalwart of the east coast death metal scene. We're really excited to host these titans as they celebrate 25 years of brutality. Also on the bill are Brooklyn party thrashers VERMEFUG, UNDIVIDED, and GROTSQUE EUPHORIA.

Saturday, Sept. 11 8pm $12 ALL AGES

Lineup announced for this tuesday's REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE

We were so stoked on the first REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE stand-up comedy night last week, we decided to keep them going twice a month from here on out. Keeping in line with the first, we're pleased to announce some really A list talent headlining this coming Tuesday's show:

JULIAN McCULLOUGH has appeared in his own Comedy Central special, as well as having a recurring role in the hit IFC show Z-ROCK.

MIKE LAWRENCE is one of the top new faces at this year's JUST FOR LAUGHS fest in Montreal. He's been around the NY scene for a few years and has deservedly gathered quite a following.

This week's lineup also includes our pal STEPHEN BIANCHI, JESSIE RICHARDSON, and LANCE WEISS. As always, there's no cover, so just show up and laugh til you puke!

Friday, September 3, 2010


We are super stoked to finally get to announce this show. Singapore's WORMROT play the most amazing straightforward grindcore there is. No hyperblast, no goregrind foolishness. Just perfectly executed grindcore, the way it was meant to be played. Brings to mind the original british masters like NAPALM DEATH or EXTREME NOISE TERROR. This is their first US tour, and despite some visa problems which prevent them from playing Santos' Party House tonight, the tour will start this weekend, and we get them for their last date. Filling out the bill is an all-star cast of New York deathgrinders: MUTANT SUPREMACY, DEFEATIST, PSYCHIC LIMB, and CURANDERA. Mark your calendars, and do NOT miss this show.