Monday, September 27, 2010

MATT McCARTHY Headlines tomorrow nights REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE Standup comedy night
Matt McCarthy - Musicians vs. Comedians
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Tomorrow night we are happy to host again REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE Free standup comedy. We're especially stoked because one of our favorite local comics MATT McCARTHY is headlining! If you don't know his name off the top of your head, LEARN IT because you'll want to see him at every appearance. He's had his own tv specials, released a CD, had a run on his own television series, and is known all over New York as "the cable guy" on those Verizon commercials. None of that compares, however, to when you just give the guy a mic and let him run with it. We've also got JORDAN HUBERT, HEATHER FINK, MAX BOYAJIAN, and JHOEL WALKOWSKI performing, and the whole thing is hosted by the dark and lovely STEPHEN BIANCHI. Not a night to miss!

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