Tuesday, October 19, 2010

James's Pop punk weekend for the kids! AFTER THE FALL / THE MENZINGERS

So we can't be all "doom and gloom" all the time, can we? We've had a great run over the last few weeks with THRONES, WOLVSERPENT, NATUR, WORMROT and LITURGY, but maybe we should cheer up a little... So our buddy James at CITY LIGHTS brought us a couple of big time pop punk and hardcore shows this weekend to get the kids who actually don't wear black all the time:

AFTER THE FALL from Albany just released their third LP, ERADICATION on MIGHTIER THAN SWORD Records, and the kids have been going crazy for it. Similar to Propagandhi or Strike Anywhere, AFTER THE FALL play fast, politicized punk that rides the line between hardcore and pop-punk. Just pogo the shit out of this.

Then on Sunday, we've got a brutal Nor-Easter coming down from Maine. Just like Old Man Winter, Portland's OUTBREAK is an unforgiving blast of ice-cold harshness that would kill a weaker person. Fast, Angry, and out of control, OUTBREAK would be likely to destroy our fair space if we hadn't just recently reinforced the walls. Get ready for moshtastic good time.

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