Thursday, July 8, 2010

INNUMERABLE FORMS will rip your face off!!

Ian Dickson knows what I like. When I told him about the ACHERON opening up, he said, "Let's do the INNUMERABLE FORMS show there. You'll like it. It's metal." Well that was the fuckin' understatement of the summer. INNUMBERABLE FORMS is Justin Detore of MIND ERASER and FUNEBRARUM doing a one-man tribute to classic old-school death metal. If your a fan of old nordic death like CARNAGE and NIHILIST, I don't know why you don't already have this record. The FORMS tear our place apart with Montreal hard-punkers NAUGHTY GIRLS on July 29th, and there may be a surprise in store for you as well. This is going to fucking rule.

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  1. Hello, This is Daryl, vocalist of Funebrarum. Justin is not of Funebrarum he played session drums on our 7" ep in 2002. Support Justin and his band!! I will be at this show for that very reason.