Monday, July 8, 2013


What's your pleasure? do you like it REALLY LOUD? do like it earnest and rockin'? do you like it tanked up on a bottle of Basil Hayden's? well we got it all this week.

Thursday: sonic titans JUCIFER return on their "20 Years of Slaying Ears" tour to attempt yet again to rattle the Acheron to its foundations. VAPORIZER and ROZAMOV open. Tickets available here

Friday: Former JAWBREAKER and JETS TO BRAZIL frontman BLAKE SCHWARZENBACH plays a solo set of new and old material. Will he play your favorite song? You'll have to be here to find out. With Fever Dream (members Death First) and Shady Hawkins. Buy your tickets here

Saturday: it's the inimitable Markus Shaffer's 40th birthday. He's a renaissance man. Come see his brutally loud and wonderfully exciting IRON TIDES celebrate this benchmark with a few bottles of whiskey and a LOT of cupcakes. Headlining this fiasco is our personal best friends HULL, whom you won't be able to see again for a while, so don't miss this. NATE DENVER'S NECK opens.

1 comment:

  1. he will not play your favorite song unless your favorite song is by third eye blind. he will download a guitar tuner app on stage and he will tell you to shut up.