Monday, January 14, 2013

INMATES Killed it at the this past Saturday!! CATHARSIS, GEHENNA, and DEATHCYCLE do it this Saturday!!

Saturday's HARDCORE GIG featuring INMATES, HOAX, WARTHOG, and MURDERER was one of the most insane and amazing shows we've ever held. Not only did the place pack to the ceiling with every real hardcore punk in the NY area, every one of them LOST THEIR SHIT!! check out the videos of WARTHOG, HOAX, and INMATES sets at the bottom of the post.

This Coming weekend promises no less mayhem, as Friday we host RAZORMAZE, with support from DYSTROPHY and BRÖHAMMER for a Thrash Invasion!

But the insanity doesn't stop there!! it's only just beginning. Saturday the 19th brings us a MARATHON of HARDCORE. The day starts with a 3pm matinee featuring VILE GASH, SOCIETY NURSE, SLICES, and BELIEVER/LAW. Tickets are 8 dollars, and if you purchase advance tickets HERE, you can get in to this AND the night show for a discounted rate. These are limited, so get them quick!

The night is Dark and full of Terrors. Terrors like CATHARSIS, GEHENNA, DEATHCYCLE, and WITHDRAWAL. The legendary titans of political metalcore team up with the monsters of mayhem and the reunion of New York hardcore brutarians for an EPIC show. This will be one for the books, and tickets are going really fast. get yours now!

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