Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This past Friday, BEER & CABLE, AGITATOR, WORLD WAR IX, MISCEGENATOR, and ROTTER temaed up to play a show solely to raise money for the Acheron, helping to pay the large back rent debt and for some upcoming and much-needed renovations to the space. As some of you know, this summer has been really hard on us, with plumbing and sewer issues, raised rent, and low sales threatening to bring us the the brink of shuttering the place up. But we're searching hard for solutions. Lots of friends have come to our aid, booking fundraiser shows and parties. We will also be launching a kickstarter page this week so that those of you unable to attend can give whatever you can as well. The money you pledge will go toward paying down the back rent debt, replacing and repairing broken equipment, and renovating the space to fit more people more comfortably, and making the experience of seeing orplaying a show here ever better.

Thanks a ton to the bands that played, especially to BEER & CABLE for setting it up and showing time and again why they're the best punk band in New York, and HUGE THANKS to all the people who showed up and gave til it hurt...their heads the next morning!

Next The next fundraiser show will be October 28th with NATUR, HESSIAN, and PILGRIM. Sure to be a rager!

Not fucking dying! Not fucking dead!

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  1. You should get Frustrator to play the 28th, too! It's Curt's birthday!